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Guns, germs, and Steal

In class we have been watching the Documentary ” Germs, Guns, and Steel” I cant believe people used to and to this day still live like this! It’s amazing how over time our society changes. In some ways it changes for the better while in others it gets worse. I have to say that in a way I feel bad for the Native people living in these areas such as New Guinea. They were the first to live there and developed in their own ways over time. I believe that we should let them voice their opinions rather than try to assimilate them into our society and make them live the way we live. This documentary also makes me realize how lucky I am to live where I live and have what I have. All of my needs are met and I have much more than what I need. I wish that the whole world could live the way we live rather then be so corrupt. We have come so far in our world that it makes me ask the question, ” Why are there so many problems in our world when we know how to fix them?”. I hope that some day we can change the way things are and create a better life for everyone.

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